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March 21, 2022

Role of HR in Re-aligning Interests Of Employers and Employees

Aligning the employees’ and employers is pivotal for the success of any business enterprise. Workers who identify with the objectives of the company tend to work harder and drive profits for the company. It is a key factor in employee retention and engagement. Employees who recognize that their self interests are better served when contributing to the organizational interest can be assets for the company. With diametrically opposed interests neither the company nor the employee gains anything substantial from the relationship. Alignment of interest must be a determining factor during selection as well as while deciding to retain someone. A range of strategies are in use to achieve this including increasing employee participation and ownership in planning, balancing power, group-wide reward structures, etc. 

Every worker must be aware of the organizational goals and their vision. Understanding the corporate mission and its integration at every level of the company’s functioning can improve efficiency and productivity of the workers. Consistent and direct communication of the organization’s top priorities and agendas, and ensuring the employees have absorbed them can be a critical first step. Promoting confidence among employees and aligning interests to responsibilities is also an effective strategy. It is the responsibility of the managers to identify the interests and potentials of their employees and channelize their strengths in the right direction so as to yield maximum output for the organization.

The Human Resource department can play a very defining role in aligning the employee and organizational interest. These four strategies can go a long way in balancing the needs of the company with the needs of the employee:

  • Ask, Don’t Assume 

Asking the employees for their opinion, through a poll or focus groups instead of assuming what they want can prove advantageous to the company. Finding out the priorities of your employees, whether it is insurance, gym membership or other benefits. Such engagement helps recognize the needs of the employee. Catering directly to their needs will improve their satisfaction and help in retention. This way, both the employee and employer achieves what they want. 

  • Make challenges fun 

It is natural for employees to sometimes feel drained intellectually, physically and emotionally. They might dread challenges and be apprehensive about changes. HR professionals can step in with their people skills and caring approach to inspire the employees and thus ensure the process is more financially feasible and efficient. By incorporating creative and fun ideas, they can make the monotonic routine exciting and energizing. For instance, if a particular offsite annual training has your employees groaning, you can spice things up by adding on amenities/hotel accommodations, or a reward-based competitive aspect to training. This is a clever and tactful approach which sustains employee motivation and keeps them engaged. 

  • Talent Maximization

In the event of a change, the HR plays the role of a middleman perfectly, mediating between the employee and employer and balancing the needs of both parties without compromising on either. They facilitate potentially difficult conversations with employees, reroute dialogues, negotiations and also help identify high performers, and good talents. They handle the tedious task of managing logistics, of reworking teams to create win-win situations. 

  • Keeping With The Times

The Human Resource department plays a major role in driving transformation in correspondence to the changes and developments in management. Corporate expansion and restructuring cause employees to deal with sudden, swift changes to which many cannot adapt as easily. HR must be equipped with an overarching strategy to tackle these issues. They must continually assist the workers to integrate well within the changing structures, by recalibrating company culture, employing retention strategies etc. 

HR is increasingly becoming vital for the organizations to succeed, their role in ensuring the quality of human resource and manpower supply, maximizing productivity of laborers through effective recruitment, selection and retention practices, etc. is gaining widespread recognition. HR plays a very consequential role in aligning the interest of workers and employers as it allows companies to promote strategies oriented towards the same. 

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