November 22, 2021

Tips On Attracting and Retaining White-Collar Workers

In the business world, there is ever-increasing competition for attracting potential white-collar workers. From strategies like head-hunting to talent poaching, there are many ways organizations try to source the best white-collar talent in the market to aid their journey towards success.

However, one of the significant challenges facing any organization is having the right know-how for attracting and retaining white-collar workers in the long run. On average, as white-collar workers have more rounded education and knowledge on how an industry works, their demands and preferences to accept a job offer and to remain in a company for longer seem to be complicated. Here are three tips you can follow to attract and retain talents both now and in the future.

Focus On Organizational Culture 

The expectations of white-collar manpower go beyond the figures on a payslip. In reality, white-collar workers are least attracted to a high salary compared to positive and happy work culture. This is because they are aware their competencies will earn them a higher salary – provided that they have a promising experience. 

So they mainly focus on an organization’s culture before deciding whether they need to accept a job offer. This is why to attract white-collar workers; an organization should have a well-established -positive work culture renowned to the outer world.

And when it comes to retaining the same talent, employers should ensure that the same positive culture is maintained. Any negativity setting within the work culture can easily trigger white-collar employees to leave for a better work environment. This is mainly because white-collar workers don’t prefer dealing with negativity or toxicity at the workplace. Even if they decide to stay in such an organization, they tend to reflect low morale, engagement and overall unproductivity, which would sooner or later result in a turnover. 

Consider A Manpower Supply Company 

Another easy and effective tip to attract and retain white-collar workers is hiring through a renowned manpower supplier. This is also one of the wisest options to attract and retain white-collar workers for two main reasons. 

Firstly, as manpower suppliers maintain their own platform where they have access to white-collar workers across different industries, they are sure to find the most suitable talent that meets the prerequisite requirements for a particular position.

Further, they also provide relevant support services like training and development to improve their manpower supply to better cater to your company. That way you can also avoid having to go through a conventional and tedious recruitment process. 

Secondly and most importantly, with a manpower supplier, you will work on a contract basis, and they facilitate flexible terms as well. For example, you can hire employees for as long or as short as you like on a contract basis. Until the period of contract completion, the employees will continue to provide their services to your company. So you wouldn’t have to worry about retaining employees or unforeseen employee turnover either. 

Cultivate Flexibility 

As previously touched upon, compensation is not the primary concern for white-collar workers anymore. Especially the emerging white-collar workers who belong to Gen Y (millennials) and Gen Z(Centennials), prefer flexibility in all aspects of life, including work. Their preference for flexibility is also strongly associated with work-life balance and well-being.

Apart from work time, these tech-savvy white-collar workers prefer flexibility in commuting to work, reporting, work approaches, communication channels and even dress codes. There are many instances where white-collar workers get so content with flexible work policies that they refuse to shift to other high-paying jobs. In some other cases, some employees leave high-paying jobs just to get into a company with flexible work approaches (provided that the job at least keeps up with the average compensation standards of the industry).

As such, fostering flexibility in your workplace thereby allowing employees to better sync their work-life with their personal preferences is a good tip to attract and retain potential white-collar talent in this generation.