Corporate Social Responsibility

why us?

Promoting health and safety as a
key goal of the Corporate
Social Responsibility

We at World Star Manpower take pride to follow industry-leading safety records. We provide safety training to all our employees from the top down according to international standards. When it comes to the environment we at World Star Manpower strive to follow all rules and regulation which can help to save our environment.

We offer the best services to our clients so that they can complete their projects without the shortage of manpower. We provide reliable, skilled, and experienced manpower which is known for completing their job according to industry standards.

The wellbeing of our employees is extremely important for us. We at World Star Manpower ensure we are following all the standard procedures which can help us to create a safe and healthy working environment for our employees. Quality management system is an integrated part of our management process which ensures consistency, compliance, and best practices.

  • Environment – Eco-friendly operations

  • Social – A great company to work for all

  • Governance – A highly trusted company

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Supplying manpower responsibly with a positive influence on our people and communities.

With a pool of 4000+ manpower and 5000 + successfully completed projects across the UAE, we have significantly contributed to creating a positive social and economic impact in the Emirates.

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"Creating a successful company and promoting CSR initiatives are not contrasting goals. In fact, they both are vital for the sustainability of any business."