August 7, 2022

What The Hiring Boom Means For Manpower Suppliers In The UAE

The UAE continues to dominate as a global talent magnet, as it ranked fifth following the US, UK, Canada, and France for the highest total talent recruitment in the world. In a recent report by LinkedIn, in partnership with the Ministry of Economy, it was revealed that the UAE recorded one of the most rapid hiring booms in 2021 with 36% hiring rates.

The pandemic significantly showed a recession in talent recruitment, but the region represented one of the strongest hiring recoveries compared to other developed countries. It has been said that two-thirds of work professionals in the UAE will be actively looking out for new jobs as business confidence and hiring activity slowly get back on track.

Significantly Booming Areas and Industries

As revealed by LinkedIn, the top areas and industries with the fastest recovery rates in hiring levels and the top industries to work at in your next job hunting include healthcare, software, and technology information.

The retail and travel recreation industry is slowly coming back, but the construction and mining energy industries are still lagging behind. The manpower supply in UAE also witnessed a great shift in career focus and talent skills, providing more opportunities to those who are a flexible, versatile, and increasingly skilled pool of talent.

Key industries that represented a career shift focus include software and IT, corporate services, consumer goods, manufacturing, and finance. There is also a three-fold career boom in digital content management and freelancing activities as a result of lockdowns and restrictions on where people can do work-from-home activities. However, there was also a considerable 10 percent decline in traditional jobs such as accounting, operations, purchasing, and engineering.

Hiring Boom Impacts on Manpower Suppliers

The authorized manpower supply company in Abu Dhabi and in the UAE are the middle ground in recruiting talents for their match organizations. In a business bustling country like the UAE, a hiring boom means a more skillful pool of talent can be acquired by multifarious conglomerates and organizations. Given that there is rapid growth in hiring talents in the UAE manpower supply, organizations can expect to have highly-qualified and competitive talents that can grow their network. The authorized manpower supply company can also expect to have rigorous and extensive hiring activities in a very competitive setting. They have to strictly set a standard for their talent recruitment as they have to ensure that those who can survive are the best among the rest.

In the fast-evolving world, manpower suppliers should make sure to look for talents who are adaptive, flexible, passionate, talented, and those who are determined to learn even from scratch. If the pandemic has taught us one thing, that is to become resilient in all adversities and be able to come back stronger. Manpower Supply companies have to spot those employees who possess those skills and attributes as they are surely going to deliver their best.

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