December 14, 2021

Analyzing The Future Work Trends In 2022

In the length of the COVID-19 pandemic and the work adjustments that had to come with it, it is no secret that the majority of the skilled manpower workforce has already learned to adapt to the new normal of working a nine-to-five. In fact, some of them now prefer the new work from home set-up vs the traditional box-type cubicle which they had to sit in for 8 hours straight. And we cannot blame them as it provides the convenience and freedom to do their work at their own pace. The good thing is, companies are aware and acknowledging these pleas from their employees and they are taking steps to put these into fruition. 

With the end of the pandemic still in no sight given the new variants that have been rummaging different countries, there are still many changes foreseen in the ever-changing workplace as we usher in a fresh start in 2022. Here are some of our thoughts: 

Hybrid working schedule

While some prefer remote working, some employees would rather go for hybrid working or what they call ‘the best of both worlds’. Hybrid working requires employees to report to the office on certain days of the week and the rest, they can work remotely. According to some employees, the idea of waking up in the morning and taking a commute to work gives them a sense of normalcy. To them, it is also their way of retaining their sanity amid a stressful work week at home where they are faced with just a blank wall vs in the office where they can chit chat with workmates in between breaks. This, in turn, helps retain employability and mitigates possible shortages in labor supply. 

Notably, companies are now replacing office spaces with co-working spaces in consideration of their staff being on remote work. Besides, they will probably be in a cloud-based work set-up in the future. 

Resilient staff, resilient business

The pandemic has made organizations realize the  importance of building the health and wellbeing among its employees – from physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. Although insurance packages are included in job offers, it has not been fully pushed until in recent years. Now that people are coming together to take the matter to the center stage, companies are geared towards building a resilient staff. Admittedly, mental health and wellbeing was quite taboo during pre-pandemic and now that the issue has taken its rightful light across industries, companies are foreseen to invest in their employees’ mental health insurance to ensure that they are well-taken care of. The possible challenge for companies is to do all these without making the staff feel like they are invading their privacy and personal lives. 

Employee monitoring apps and softwares

Companies are now starting to leverage technology to track employees’ activity, behaviour, and productivity. Yes, surprisingly, companies can now see how you fare at work just by looking at your work data analytics. Apps such as Aware let organizations monitor all these across emails and tools like Slack, for example, measure a staff’s productivity. This is a helpful medium for them to oversee their employees who are working remotely. Although it might cause clamor as to whether it will boost employee productivity or affect their individual freedoms at work, it is guaranteed that it will play a significant role in the corporate world as we move through 2022.

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