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June 28, 2022

Things To Consider When Looking For Construction Manpower

Experts predict that the construction industry will become an economic driver over the next few years, estimating a growth rate of 3.5% per annum for the period of 2020 to 2030. This may be due to the increasing urbanisation and the growing population that triggered housing and infrastructure projects in many countries that prompted many companies to engage in construction services.

If you are among those who started to engage in the construction industry, one of the most important capital you need is your workforce. Read along and see what are the things you need to consider when looking for construction manpower for better business outcomes.

Important Things to Consider From Candidates

  • Skills and Qualifications

Construction work is a physically demanding job. With this, it is crucial to look for workers who have good foundations of strength and stamina. Aside from that, the job typically involves a lot of other workers comprising the construction manpower group, so it is also vital to look for those who can communicate and work well with others. This will not only ensure that the job can be done with ease, but also reduce the likelihood of injuries from happening.

  • Compatibility

After considering skills and qualifications, one must dive beneath the surface and determine whether a candidate is really fit for the job. For example, a strong worker is not necessarily a healthy worker as one may look physically stable, yet have underlying physical and mental health issues out of his knowledge.

With this, it is crucial to determine the compatibility of the candidates with the job through a unique selection process that can verify whether they really are what they appear and claim to be. This will help to avoid workplace accidents and injuries in the long run, while also ensuring that only the best work is produced.

Internal Considerations

  • Network

According to studies, 70% of builders typically employ between 11 to 30 subcontractors to build a single-family home, showing that the need grows as the size of the project increases. With this, it is vital for one to reconsider the extent of his or her network when looking for people to comprise his or her construction manpower. Having a wider network means having a better chance of pooling the necessary number of workers for the timely accomplishment of a particular project.

  • Wages and Benefits

Offering a generous amount of wage and benefits has been a long-proven effective method of hiring and retaining top talents, making them feel valued and appreciated for the work that they do and allowing them to live according to the standards of a particular place. 

When looking for construction manpower supply, it is vital to reassess and reconsider wage and benefit schemes, and update them according to recent spending trends and prices. This will induce prospective workers to apply in your company than in others, as they see how you value your workers even before they experience it themselves.

Get the Help You Need

Looking for construction manpower may be challenging, given the increasing number of competitors entering the construction industry. To optimise your recruitment strategies, especially if you are in the fast-paced UAE, it becomes beneficial to engage the services of construction labour supply companies in Abu Dhabi, like World Star Manpower, who follows a unique selection process and provides unique benefit schemes and vocational training. In the long run, this will not only ensure that you have the required number of workers you need, but also enable you to retain them for the long term.

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