February 28, 2022

Why Employee Benefits Should Go Beyond The Norm In Manpower Supply

Working in any industry today is more difficult than ever before, as business industries become more fast-paced. Working demands have many people to go above and beyond what is expected of them, causing them to spend more time on work than on personal engagements. In the long run, this may lead to burnout and a lack of enthusiasm. With this reality in mind, businesses should do more to nurture their employees.

Giving employee benefits and improving existing benefit programs are the best ways to nurture employees. Employee benefits are defined as “indirect, non-cash, or cash compensation paid to an employee in excess of regular salary or wages.” They can take many forms, including paid time off, bonuses, and medical services.

Current Working Conditions in the Manpower Supply Industry

Being a worker has become even more difficult as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Governments have imposed lockdowns, transportation regulations, and restrictions on public space access. Some Emirates in the UAE have even imposed a limit on the capacity of public transportation. As a result, the difficulties of commuting to work have become aggravated, particularly for those employed in the manpower supply industry.

Workers in the aforementioned industry are more concerned with their work attendance in order to provide excellent service to their clients. They rarely allow themselves to be late or absent because it may have a negative impact on their records. As a result, they frequently go above and beyond what is expected of them, resulting in less time for themselves and their loved ones.

Going Beyond the Norm

A manpower supply company in the UAE took the initiative of providing their blue-collar workers with free transportation accommodations that included free WiFi and a television (TV) to reduce their mental stress. According to Haseena Nishad, managing director of World Star Holding, this initiative was created so that “workers can make video calls to their families from the bus and also enjoy music videos played on television screens” during their commute to and from the construction sites. Through this project, workers are now able to compensate for time lost with their families by communicating with them while on their way to work, even on busy days.

The project also provided workers with “me time,” allowing them to rest and watch TV away from the stresses of public transport. Mason Kishen Indradev stated that they “spend around 40 minutes to one and a half hour on the bus, depending on the location and traffic,” but now they can “call home and save time and money” thanks to the initiative.

In the first phase, the company released six air conditioned buses with high technology features. The company is also planning to release more buses for all their 5,000 employees by 2025, despite already having around 200 buses for the same use. 

Apart from these initiatives, the company is also planning to educate the workers by providing additional knowledge and information on worksite safety and hygiene protocols through the high-tech buses. Moreover, according to Haseena, the company is also considering offering books for workers to read during their commute.

These initiatives clearly demonstrate how the company values its employees by providing extraordinary benefits that would make things easier for them while educating them. 

Why is This Important?

A good employee benefits package will make employees feel appreciated and rewarded for the work they do.

Although some employee benefits are required by law, providing more benefits than what is expected from companies will reciprocate the efforts that employees give. Studies show that 49% of employees start to look for another job within 12 months if they are dissatisfied with the benefits they receive, while 78% of employees are likely to stay if they are satisfied. These records show clearly how employee benefits affect not just employee satisfaction and performance, but also attract and retain top talent.