August 28, 2022

Reasons Why Your Recruitment Strategy Is Not Performing Well

For every company, recruiting has never been a walk in the park, especially in the past few years, where there has been an upward trend of attrition and turnover rates. Aside from that, recruitment is also an expensive undertaking. Labour supply companies are willing to spend millions on recruitment efforts to find the most qualified candidates. They are more than willing to take this investment risk.

However, there is no guarantee that the ideal candidate will come across your job posts and will be interested to apply. And despite the efforts that recruiters perform, sometimes it does not produce their desired results, and it can be extremely frustrating and exhausting.

But have you questioned why your recruitment strategies aren’t working? If you want to prevent costly hiring errors, you must identify potential issues within your current recruitment strategy. Take a look at the probable reasons why your recruitment efforts are not performing well.

Failure to Utilize Recruiting Advertising

Most manpower supply companies blindly post job vacancies on job boards but haven’t gone all-in on social media recruiting advertising. They expect candidates will find their posts without sharing the word on social media platforms where most people abound. This recruitment strategy is unreliable that makes you have a hard time spotting the right applicants.

Rather than settling on common recruiting procedures, why not incorporate a recruiting advertising strategy instead. A recruiting advertising strategy is a process that allows you to communicate the job value proposition, similar to what marketers do to entice consumers. More than highlighting the job description and necessary skill set for the job, it focuses on promoting the company culture and emphasizes the advantages of working in the organization. It has been a proven proactive approach in attracting top talent to join your company.

Ineffectively Nurturing Leads

Recruiters are still doing catch-up when it comes to spotting the right applicant. You can’t expect a potential candidate to apply once when they arrive at your career website. They will most likely research, check the job description, and look for employee testimonials. If recruiters fail to leverage their visit and are unable to reach out to answer potential queries from the candidates, then they are most likely to lose a potential hire.

This is the part where lead nurturing should be emphasized and incorporate lead capture forms on the company’s career sites. It allows recruiters to communicate with the potential candidates at the right time and entertain their curiosities to ignite their interest in joining the company. You can also send them targeted job alerts based on where they are in their career search journey.

Lack of Communication throughout the Recruiting Proces

It is a crucial step to maintain proper communication with your applicants. It is easy to post a job vacancy on career sites, but when it comes to maintaining constant communication throughout the recruitment process is another story. The instant the application arrives in your mailbox to either reject or make an offer, constant communication must be maintained.

Remember that there will always be competition. A lack of detailed instruction or delayed responses and a lack of character throughout the recruitment might cause a potential hire to back out. Even if your salary and benefits package is competitive, you will probably lose talent if your communication skills are lacking.

Unsatisfactory Onboarding Procedures

The recruitment strategy does not end after you hire the right candidate. And one major flaw of recruiters is what they do after the hiring process in which the onboarding procedures may sometimes become unsatisfactory.

Take into account how you onboard your employees to ensure that they are completely immersed and supported. Improving your recruitment strategy could mean establishing an onboarding program for the new hires to get a feel of the organization. You can combine social activities in workshops and seminars to build rapport within your team. This strategy not only attracts but ultimately keeps your top talent.

A recruitment strategy can fail for a variety of reasons. However, assessing the reasons why it isn’t working on your end can go a long way toward improving staff retention. If you haven’t been able to pinpoint the issues of your recruitment process, we can help you out here at World Star Manpower – an authorized manpower supply company in Abu Dhabi. Book a consultation with us here for more details.