August 21, 2022

Factors To Consider When Outsourcing Manpower

Businesses are constantly innovating their ways to improve operational efficiency and cut costs. Rapidly expanding businesses are considering outsourcing non-core processes as a cost-effective strategic plan.

The idea of outsourcing manpower supply has become a solution for a broad range of duties that a business does not want to handle in-house. There is no limit to the functions that any company can outsource, including sales, accounting, IT services, customer services, and the like. The main reason why most businesses outsource some of their operational processes is for efficiency.

Outsourcing business activities not part of the company’s core value proposition is an effective strategy to concentrate on things that matter while ensuring that other tasks are still performed well. It can also be a cost-cutting solution that ultimately improves the company’s performance and stimulate long-term growth. In deciding to outsource manpower, here are the top 5 factors to consider:

The complexity of the job

Some operational tasks are complex, and managing them in-house with limited resources can waste your time, money, and effort. And this could also imply limiting the most important resources to other essential business functions. Technicalities in legal and fiscal requirements may also add to the complexity. Attempting to complete such tasks within the company without much knowledge may lead to legal issues that would cost a negative impact on the company’s value. It is why in considering outsourcing manpower, one of the main factors a company should assess is the job complexity and if they need the expertise and resources of a third-party manpower supply company.


One of the primary reasons why businesses outsource is to reduce labor and operational costs. When you decide to outsource, it should be that the company’s bottom line is lower operational costs. You have to assess whether outsourcing will help you save a significant amount if you forgo employee hiring and choose to have a third-party company do the work for you. For example, if you decide to outsource your sales and accounting function, you should consider whether doing so consumes more costs and resources than outsourcing it. But you also have to put in mind that while saving costs, you also have to strike a balance between the quality and quantity of the services they provide.


Skills needed for the job

Another crucial factor to consider when outsourcing manpower is the provider’s level of expertise and experience. Before outsourcing a specific task, consider whether you have the necessary skills. Although your team may lack skills, training the employee may be a feasible alternative. But when you’ve ascertained a skill gap and determined that outsourcing is the best alternative for you, consider their skillset to match what you are looking for. There are always operators willing to offer services at a lower cost, but they may provide a mediocre output. While saving costs is an important consideration, also make sure that they provide the necessary skills you are looking for in the job.

Minimal supervision and the ability to meet deadlines

When outsourcing tasks, you should consider those providers that will handle everything from the ground up. They should be able to produce your desired results and should not tolerate poor quality work. Choosing a third party that understands timeliness and quality work is essential as it allows you to devote more time to focus on core business functions. When it comes to outsourcing, time is just as important as money. It is one important factor you should never miss in considering manpower outsourcing.

Privacy and Legal Agreements

Outsourcing a portion of your business functions reduces your level of control as you grant service providers access to company information. Some processes are so crucial that if they are not performed correctly, you may risk losing the company’s value and reputation. That is why outsourcing manpower should be done with caution. Evaluate all data you intend to share with your third-party service provider. Before sharing any internal information, ensure they sign a non-disclosure agreement first. Securing these factors will make it easier to conduct effective outsourcing and select the right providers for a long-term partnership.

It is ideal for every company to consider these factors when outsourcing manpower. Outsourcing can be a solution when you choose the right provider, but it can also become a risk if not done properly. And to help you choose the right third-party outsourcing provider, we, in World Star Manpower Solutions, one of the preferred authorized manpower supply companies in Abu Dhabi can help carry out the work for you. We have profound experience in providing quality manpower supply in all industries. Check our services here.