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March 28, 2022

Corporate Social Responsibility in Manpower Supply Companies

Corporate social responsibility is a management concept whereby companies display a social commitment by integrating public and environmental concerns into its operations. They practice social accountability by being conscious of its impact upon various aspects of society including economic, environmental, social, and attempts to give back to society by promoting socially productive activities.  According to this business model, the companies make a dedicated effort to contribute meaningfully to the society instead of degrading it. 

It is increasingly helping companies stand out, build brand image and enhance public relations. It is also a great way to boost employee morale, and confers sustainability to the organization. Being accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the society from where the resources are derived helps establish a positive relationship with all of them, and nurture a strong bond between the organization and its workers. CSR concerns include environmental management, eco-efficiency, responsible sourcing, stakeholder engagement, labor standards and working conditions, employee and community relations, social equity, gender balance, human rights, good governance, and anti-corruption measures. 

Manpower companies in Dubai are adopting CSR practices to be responsible enterprises. They recognize that it is no fad and would be instrumental in driving the company towards greater success while also protecting the interests of the society. They are appreciating and incorporating values including long term commitment, sincerity, judicious use of resources, responsibility, sustainability and ethics, in doing business. Some of the main issues manpower supply companies focus on to meet their CSR goals are:

  • Promoting Health & Safety of Workers

As far as a manpower supply company is concerned, human resource is their most invaluable asset, which makes it imperative to safeguard employee wellbeing. Ensuring that safety standards in the industry are met, and creating a safe, healthy work environment is crucial to that end. It is equally important to impart proper safety training to all the employees to avoid occupational hazards and accidents. Adhering to the international standards in place on safety and security, can make sure you’re doing right by your workers by putting their health first.

  • Environment-Friendly Operations

The responsibility towards the environment is one of the most pressing concerns today. Organizations are embracing eco-friendly operations, and acting in ways that minimize baneful effects on the environment. The term ‘environmental stewardship’ is becoming popular among companies who are striving towards reducing pollution, increasing reliance on sustainable and renewable energy resources and offsetting environmental damage by funding research aimed at mitigating the environmental issues, planting trees etc.

  • Philanthropic Endeavors

Corporate social responsibility also encompasses direct humanitarian initiatives. Organizations are actively contributing to make the world a better place by undertaking philanthropic and volunteering activities or by making generous monetary donations to charities, and supporting non-profit organizations. 

  • Assuming Ethical Responsibility

Ethics refer to a set of moral principles which govern the conduct and activities of a body. An ethical approach to dealing with all organizational affairs entails how the employer treats its stakeholders, including leadership, investors, employees, clients. Taking ethical responsibility could come in different ways. Partnership with unethical companies can potentially tarnish the brand image of the company, and so it must be avoided. Using ethical recruitment practices, and respecting the dignity of the laborer, maintaining transparency with the client and laborer, etc. are among some of the ethical responsibilities of a manpower supply company.  

Corporate social responsibility is essential for businesses because it paves a way for organizations to engage positively with the world around them, take environmental action, and foster economic growth. It is time to recognize corporations as active participants in social action, and encourage CSR policies across organizations. World Star Manpower Solutions in UAE is one of the leading manpower suppliers in the country, setting an example through their commitment to CSR. They offer reliable service at negotiable rates, and have demonstrated a concern for the safety and well-being  of their workers over the 15 years of their industry experience.