construction manpower in Dubai

Oil & Gas

From years we are the partner with numerous companies in Oil & Gas industry and provided them quality manpower according to their requirements. Getting the right manpower at right time is a key to success in Oil & Gas industry. We understand that and provide you experienced and reliable manpower according to your specific needs.

  • Trained, experienced, and qualified labors for Oil & Gas industry.
  • Fastest turn around time.
  • 24/7 Support services.

Maximize The Productivity
& Cost Efficiency

  • 15 Years of experience with numerous
    companies in Oil & Gas industry.
  • Expert in handling onshore and
    offshore projects.
  • Compliant to all rules and regulations
    of Ministry of Labour
Our Oil & Gas Manpower Supply Services include
but are not limited to providing:
  • Process Engineers
  • Maintenance Personals
  • Contract Administrators
  • Pipeline Personals
  • DCS Operator
  • Safety Personals
  • Drilling Personals
  • Technicians
  • Off Shore Staff
  • Supervisors
  • Construction Staff
  • Inspectors
& more...