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January 7, 2022

Predicting 5 Trends in Manpower Supply This Year

With the new year underway, many experts have already made predictions on how the year will unfold in terms of business economics. Technology is evolving, robotics and AI are taking over business functions, and Covid has challenged the idea of how a workplace should function. With all these factors considered, here are the top 5 trends in manpower supply businesses can predict this year.

More Demand For The Gig Economy 

One of the most obvious trends that the manpower supply industry can experience in 2022 is an increasing demand for the gig economy. On average, in the US alone, more than 35% of the workforce is considered contingent.

The gig industry has become very attractive to many professionals nowadays because of its highly flexible and competitive pay benefits. This is why many high-demanding blue and white-collar workers are shifting their expertise to gig work. Equally, many fast-growing businesses require manpower from those looking to be employed on a freelance basis, and sure enough, in 2022, the demand for these workers will see a steady spike.


Creativity has been the epitome of talent for the past few decades, which is predicted to continue through 2022 and beyond. Businesses will be demanding more diverse manpower supply for both productivity and profitability requirements. Facilitating this need for diversity will be another manpower supply trend for 2022. This will require manpower supply companies to host a very diverse mix of both blue and white manpower supplies. Addressing this uprising demand, manpower suppliers are also very likely to include many engagement strategies among their workforce to drive cultural diversity in the workplace. 

Manpower With Technological Skills 

One of the most transformational workforce trends expected this year is the effect of automation on the workforce. This leads to the prediction that supplying workers with information technology-related skills will be high in demand for both blue and white-collar sectors. The future workforce will be required to efficiently align with the automation and robotic technology that is taking over industries. Manpower supplying companies need to equip their workers with a basic understanding of automation and give them the opportunity to develop relevant skills to boost productivity and reduce errors

Alumni Labour

As the baby boomer generation is retiring, the gap for expertise based on experience levels is increasing. The rising “corporate brain drains” will also lead to massive expertise loss in business. To combat this problem in the coming years, manpower supply trends have seen industries pool alumni talent through cloud technology which is accessible on demand. This will allow businesses to securely maintain a human capital management system that they can access with a very transparent lens on worker expertise, previous roles, and experience. This alumni-talent database will allow businesses to source alumni talent when needed to close skills gaps temporarily until the said role is replaced.

More Millennials To Fill Labour Shortages

The ageing population has increased alongside fragmented workforces, leaving many industries and countries experiencing a labour shortage. In 2022, manpower supply companies will focus on attracting more millennial workers to fill these labour shortages. Manpower suppliers will be likely to pool millennial talent, train them with the specifics of potential recruiters and retain them for the long-term through a contractual agreement.

While these predictions are made from different angles from the workforce market, it for sure indicates that in 2022 manpower trends will be focused more on embracing diversity while relying on the expertise of the alumni talent pool.