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May 21, 2022

Key Responsibilities Of Manpower Supply Companies

All organizations require skilled and trained personnel as these people are at the heart of their business operations. Their productivity rate, output, as well as their returns of investment all depend upon how these people work. Consequently, when they have workers who are highly knowledgeable and experienced about a job, organizations can generate quality products and services that would make their businesses thrive. 

In order to ensure that they are only employing the right people while focusing on their core business functions, many organizations nowadays have engaged the services of manpower suppliers. In the UAE alone, which is among the biggest job markets in the world,  hundreds of manpower supply companies have emerged to provide staffing solutions to businesses.

To understand how they can help, find out the key responsibilities of a manpower solutions provider:


Depending on the nature of a product or service and on the industry to which a company belongs, a certain number of workers are required to sustain productivity. This number should neither be too high so as to cost organizations a lot more than they should, nor be inadequate to meet their productivity demands.

To ensure that only the required number of staff is employed, manpower suppliers analyze current market trends along with the production needs of organizations situated within the same industry in order to determine their average manpower supply needs. This consequently allows manpower suppliers to pool not only the required number of workers, but also develop contingency plans that would allow companies to keep up with the market amidst employee turnovers.


Among the primary responsibilities of manpower suppliers is to choose candidates who are good in fulfilling the tasks that a particular job requires to fully satisfy the staffing needs of a company. This is grounded on the fact that quality and quantity are both important elements in human resource as they allow organizations to work at their full potential. To this end, manpower supply companies follow stringent processes that would fully assess character, experience, and skills that candidates for a job have. Through this, they will be able to see how qualified these candidates are, as well as their potential to excel in the work they do.

Moreover, since document processing is indispensable in recruitment, organizations face loads of paperwork everyday in order to comply with employment legalities as required by the law. With the help of manpower supply companies, however, organizations will be able to focus on core business and leave the documentation process to the capable hands of manpower suppliers. In the long run, this will allow them to employ not only the most capable workers, but also ensure that their contract is considered binding and effective by law.


To ensure mutual satisfaction between workers and contractors, manpower suppliers conduct annual or monthly performance evaluations. This allows them to see what are the problems they need to address in terms of arrangements, performances, and working conditions that both parties undergo, as well as the key strengths they have in order to ensure continuity. In the long run, this will improve the relationship between workers and contractors and ensure that they are both satisfied with what they provide with each other.

Looking to Engage in Manpower Solutions?

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