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June 14, 2022

Impact Of Labour Quality On Productivity

Economic experts have already recognized that increased productivity creates economic growth. However, economic growth does not depend on productivity alone, since the latter itself is also dependent on many other factors. In fact, studies have already associated the positive impacts of labour quality and human capital to productivity, confirming how they also affect economic growth. To clearly see its effects, take a look at the impacts of labour quality on productivity.

Quality Labour Increases Outputs

Productivity increases when more output is produced without increasing the input, and decreases when less output is produced without decreasing the input. Consequently, input is affected by the quality of labour which organisations employ, clearly showing that the personal qualities of workers and their working conditions greatly affect work outcomes, and thereby productivity.

To illustrate, when organisations employ qualified workers and ensure that they foster a goal-oriented environment, the quality of labour increases. This ensures that all employees meet the expectations set by their employers as to outputs. In turn, this allows organisations to meet or even increase their production goals without necessarily adding more people into their manpower supply.

An Enhanced Work Culture, Labour Quality, and Productivity

According to studies, organisations who employ engaged and motivated workers have 17% higher productivity and 41% lesser absenteeism compared to those who have disengaged teams. Significantly, a Harvard study has shown that building a positive work culture influences workers to become more loyal and committed to their work, and even go out of their way to help others.

These studies and data clearly show how having an enhanced work culture positively impacts labour quality, as all workers come together to ensure that their outputs meet the standards of companies. This, in the long run, fosters productivity and ensures that organisations meet their goals timely and efficiently.

Maximising Time Through Quality Labour

One of the key effects of quality labour is that workers will be able to utilise time more efficiently. Quality labour oftentimes equates to having a manpower supply that is knowledgeable, qualified, and has the necessary expertise with regard to a particular job. These qualities ensure that all outputs are in good quality and condition, and that workers can accomplish their tasks quickly yet efficiently, allowing them to have more time to work on other activities crucial to the operations of a company.

It’s Time for Labour Quality Optimization

Indeed, productivity is affected by the many factors which quality labour brings about. With this, it becomes vital for organisations, especially those in fast-paced environments like the UAE, to engage the services of a manpower supply company who provides manpower supplies that are qualified and knowledgeable for a better labour quality.

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