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April 14, 2022

How Contractors Can Improve Construction Manpower Hiring

As the world recovers from the global economic collapse brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, companies from both the private and public sectors worldwide have developed infrastructure projects to make trading easier, create more opportunities for struggling communities by connecting workers to jobs, and protect cities and provinces from natural disasters. These developments allow the further development of the global economy, while repairing the damages caused by the said pandemic.

As these sectors continue to engage in infrastructure projects, many opportunities open for blue collar workers. To ensure that enough skilled construction manpower supplies are available to cater all staffing needs, it becomes vital for manpower suppliers to improve their hiring processes through the following methods:

  • Always opening for hires

There is no better method in ensuring that there are enough workers than by being always open for new hires, especially during the off season. This gives contractors enough time to scrutinize and assess employee qualifications, and determine whether they have the skills and experiences necessary to perform the job well. Aside from that, this will give them the opportunity to pool the number of workers they need so that they can provide construction manpower supply upon demand and at any time.

  • Taking advantage of all available networks

In order to reach more prospects who are talented and skilled enough to meet job requirements, contractors must utilize all means available to reach them. They can do this by attending job fairs, visiting local technical education and skills development centers, asking for referrals, and posting job advertisements. This will allow them to enhance their network and immediately find available workers whenever they need them.

  • Providing attractive employee support services and making them known

Providing employee support services, such as vocational training, food, accommodation, and transportation, and making them known tend to attract more talents. In the construction industry, employees usually work in remote site locations which comes with many challenges, such as the lack of available food services, transportation facilities, and proper accommodation to house them while working. In many instances, these benefits are overlooked, leaving workers with no other choice but to make do with their difficult situation. With proper employee support services at hand, manpower suppliers will be able to show to their prospective talents how they value the quality of work they give along with their well-being.

  • Asking for and verifying with character references

Asking for character references and checking with them are among the hiring processes that are mostly overlooked, as many recruitment officers tend to depend solely on job interviews and resumes, not taking into consideration that this process gives unfiltered access to how a prospective talent really is. 

Character references allow contractors to verify whether a candidate is really what he or she claims to be, and determine how good he or she is in getting the job done. This will allow them to hire only legitimately skilled and experienced workers with outstanding character and personality.

The Perfect Example

In order to ensure a smooth and effective hiring process that would provide clients with skilled and experienced workers, contractors should consider these methods which World Star Manpower, a UAE-based manpower solutions company, follows. Through these, not only will they be able to have a pool of skilled employees, but also ensure that these workers are provided with the best benefits that would continuously motivate them to work harder and meet the expectations of clients.