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June 21, 2022

Common Problems Addressed By Manpower Solutions

Human resource (HR) functions are at the core of every business. Through them, companies are able to improve their overall operations by ensuring that their manpower supply is qualified, engaged, and productive. In fact, according to Gallup, when organizations employ qualified and engaged workers, they tend to have a higher profitability rate by 23%.

However, there are some inevitable problems affected by both external and internal factors that HR managers usually face. This is where the role of manpower solutions becomes crucial.

Addressing Labor Shortages 

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 20 million fewer people are working now than before the global pandemic, with a slow recovery expected. This clearly shows how labour shortage is and will continue to be a problem that the world may face in 2022, challenging organisations everywhere to timely fill in their job vacancies.

This problem can be addressed with the help of manpower solutions. Manpower suppliers typically pool a wide number of workers to help organisations meet their staffing needs timely, while making sure that those deployed are qualified. For example, manpower supply in the UAE comprises workers coming from different parts of the world just to ensure that job vacancies in organisations within the country are filled right on time.

Bridging the Skill Gap

As workplaces become more digital, experts predict 14 G20 countries to miss out on $11.5 trillion cumulative GDP growth because of the digital skill gap. In the US alone, a total loss of $8.5 trillion can be expected if skills gaps are not addressed by 2030. These numbers only imply that significant economic losses may result if skill gaps continue to inflict all industries.

Through manpower solutions, however, organisations all over the world can minimise its effects. This is based on the fact that manpower suppliers use unique selection processes that thoroughly assess workers’ qualifications and, if any deficiencies exist, provide vocational training that allow their workers to meet the standards of organisations. With their help, more skilled people can be produced, addressing skill gaps in the long run.

Enhancing Benefits and Utility

According to studies, 60% of employees are dissatisfied with the benefits schemes provided to them by their employers, negatively impacting company culture, worker engagement, and productivity. However, for those engaging the services of manpower solutions, additional benefits schemes may be provided to workers.

For example, World Star Manpower has provided their manpower supply in the UAE with free food, accommodation, and transportation services when working in remote site locations. Additional benefits schemes like this, when provided along with those that contracting companies give, induce workers to perform their jobs better and become more productive.

Relying on Manpower Solutions

As the challenges for HR managers grow, it is vital for them to start relying on manpower solutions to steadily surpass whatever issues they may face in the long term.

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