As United Arab Emiratesis focusing to develop quality infrastructure, the demand of mechanical manpower is increasing at a rapid pace. The focus towards infrastructure development has created ample opportunities for skilled, experienced, and qualified mechanical manpower. As the demand is increasing it is becoming tough to find dedicated manpower and sometimes projects get delayed because of the shortage of manpower. The World Star Holding is expert in providing quality mechanical manpower at a short notice. From years we are working in the manpower industry and have hundreds of satisfied and loyal customers.

As a manpower supply company, we offer different types of mechanical manpower including


Pipe fitter

World Star Holdings offer temporary or permanent mechanical manpower to different industries. We supply skilled and semiskilled workers that can work in a variety of trades as per your project requirements.

The huge demand for mechanical manpower has created a demand and supply gap. It is becoming difficult for companies to complete their projects on time because of the shortage of manpower. So to complete your projects on time it is always better to hire World Star Holding’s manpower supply services. It will relieve your tension of shortage of manpower and you will be able to finish your project on time with increased efficiency.  By hiring our mechanical manpower supply services you will save your time, money, and efforts.

World Star Holding is known for providing dedicated and efficient manpower across the industries. We know our candidates very well and send the best candidates which suit best to your project needs. For whatever field you hire our personals, you will get the performance. Performance is an essential factor for us to maintain our reputation. Once you hire our personals, our duty does not finish, we will be in touch with you to get the feedback so that we can assess our personals and can maintain our records. By this, we will be able to provide an on-going picture of employee effectiveness and you will get the better and efficient manpower. World Star Holding demands highest standards of safety awareness for its personnel so that you do not have to face any issues on site.

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