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World Star Holding was established in the year 1974 and we have a team of highly experienced human resource managers who are experts in hiring best construction manpower for various jobs. Till now we have provided very large number of Civil Construction manpower to various construction companies. World Star Holding is considered as one of the top 5 construction manpower supply companies in UAE. We take pride to have more than 500 satisfied clients in 22 different industries. We are the leading skilled and unskilled labor supplier in the field of Civil Construction. We ensure that when you hire our services you get a perfect balance between the quality of manpower and price.

Civil Construction is the creation of infrastructure which involves water, earth, or transport. Civil Construction is a branch of civil engineering which involves design, construction, and maintenance of building, roads, railways, airports, tunnels, water reservoirs, dams, bridges, sewer systems, etc. the Civil Construction industry consists of individuals, companies, and other interested parties which are involved in planning, designing, creation, and maintenance of infrastructure.

The Civil Construction industry is one of the most dynamic and rapidly advancing sectors. Countries like UAE are modernizing and creating the infrastructure at a rapid pace to develop and facilitate their people. Because of the huge growth in infrastructure sector of United Arab Emirates, there is always a short of manpower in the Civil Construction industry. It is becoming harder to find skilled and productive manpower to solve the manpower issues. World Star Holding helps the construction companies to get the best manpower supply services from our large pool of workers. Our team is expert in supplying the best manpower so that you can complete your projects on time. Some of the advantages of hiring our manpower services for civil construction.


We have the expertise in finding best workers from all over the world. Efficient employees are assets for the organization. We provide skilled and perfect manpower according to your requirements.

Extended Reach

We have our network in many countries and have the best workers because of our extended reach. Our team of human resource experts is constantly in touch with the talent pool from all over the world so that we have the right resources which suit best according to your project requirements.

Save Time

When you hire our services you do not have to spend your valuable time in finding the right workers for you. You just focus on your core business and we will provide you with skilled, experienced and best manpower.

Save money

When you hire our manpower supply services, you do not have to spend money on the human resource team to find the manpower. To recruit the manpower organizations have to invest money in advertising, recruitment process, and training but we can provide you skilled and talented manpower without your investment in all these things.

Other than these benefits you can also improve and streamline your procedures and enhance the management efficiency by hiring our services. In the field of Civil Construction, we are experts in providing different kinds of manpower such as

Steel Fixer
Shuttering carpenter
Gypsum Carpenter
Finishing Carpenter

World Star Holding is engaged in offering various types of onshore and offshore Civil Construction manpower. We offer different kinds of manpower according to your requirements.


Our Commitment

  • We believe in long-term business relationship and a long-term business relation is possible with only satisfied clients. So our main focus is to create satisfied clients by providing the best manpower services.
  • We are committed to providing our clients highly skilled, experienced, and reliable manpower that can fit into their organizational culture.
  • Our team of experts is committed to select the best candidate after proper documentation and personality analysis so that you do not face any problem.
  • We are also committed to making a perfect balance between our client’s needs and manpower welfare. We safeguard the interests of both the parties so that everyone can be satisfied.


For the need of Civil Construction labor, we are the best solution for. So do not delay and get the best skilled and unskilled manpower for your small or large construction project.

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